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Menu Comparison

One day on a low-calory diet: 1200 Kcal 

BREAKFAST: 150ml of milk with coffee and 20g of bread rusks


LUNCH: 70g of trenette pasta with pesto, 1 portion of boiled courgette/zucchini

AFTERNOON SNACK: 1 glass of fresh orange juice

DINNER: 80g of tinned tuna with salad, 40g of bread and 1 orange




One day in Zone: 1200 kcal

EVERYDAY: EnerZona Omega 3 Rx (4 x 1g capsule)

BREAKFAST: 200ml of semi-skimmed milk, 4 EnerZona biscuits, Coffee (no sugar)

MID-MORNING SNACK: 200g of plain low-fat yogurt

LUNCH: : A portion of bresaola with rocket and parmesan, 300g of tomatoes, 15g of wholemeal bread, 120g of fruit salad

AFTERNOON SNACK: 1 individual portion of EnerZona Chips or 1 minipack of EnerZona MiniRock

DINNER: A bowl of vegetable minestrone (made with courgettes, broccoli, onions, peppers, tomatoes, chives and basil), 120g of seabass, 1 minipack of EnerZona Crackers, 1 portion of grilled courgettes and aubergines, 1 apple and half a glass of red wine.

EVENING SNACK: 1 glass of EnerZona soya drink or 1 minipack of EnerZona MiniRock