Enervit C2:1PRO
Maximize carbohydrate absorption during endurance sports.
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The complete line of supplementation and nutrition to support your performance. Before, during and after sports.
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Instant Sport Drink
Ideal for rehydration during Indoor trainings or competitions at high temperatures.
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Enervit C2:1PRO

Before, during, and after sports

Instant Sport Drink

Every moment in sports needs specific products

Before sport

Before any sporting activity it’s necessary to optimize the availability of carbohydrate and water reserves.

During sport

During sporting activity it’s useful to provide energy from "outside" to compensate for the depletion of endogenous resources that tends to occur in the last phases of intense and prolonged efforts.

After sport

At the end of each training session and after each performance it’s necessary to replenish the body with what it lost during the effort.

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