Sustainability Report 2022

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It’s Called “Credible Sustainability” and It’s Our First Sustainability Report


Our first Enervit Sustainability Report is a document that, with a touch of pride, we’re now presenting to our stakeholders on a voluntary basis so they can assess the commitments we’re making to the environmental, economic and social issues that are so important to us. And above all, we’re doing it so they can understand the daily efforts we’re making along our journey of integrating sustainability throughout our organization’s value chain. 


Helping people improve the quality of their lives by promoting a culture of positive nutrition is part of our DNA. It’s the vision that guides us. We do this through constant scientific research and innovation, which ensure safe, high quality products, and by promoting the principles behind a healthy lifestyle. We believe that those who love sports also love nature. This is an indissoluble bond that has inspired us to take concrete steps to improve sustainability even within its production chain, promoting efficient, renewable consumption and intelligent use of materials. Because sustainable development is – and must be – a goal involving us all, a mission in the light of which each of us is called upon to actively contribute, with responsible behavior and with the search for solutions that improve the environmental and social impact of our every activity. We at Enervit firmly believe in this, and are doing our part, day after day. That’s why we’re convinced that the company’s first Sustainability Report isn’t a finish line that’s been reached, but rather a starting point toward the development of a new model of development.