Enervit’s certifications


British Retail Consortium

Internationally recognized food safety standard whose primary aim is to strengthen and promote food safety throughout the supply chain. The application of the BRC is a prerequisite necessary to export one’s products, and it is a recognized means of ensuring company reliability.

UNI EN ISO 14001

International regulation whose aim is to specify the requirements of an environmental management system, which an organization may use to develop its environmental performance. The regulation helps an organization attain its environmental management system’s desired outcomes, which include:

  • the achievement of environmental performance;.
  • the fulfillment of compliance requirements;
  • the achievement of environmental objectives.


International regulation recognized for quality management. The aim is to manage the effectiveness and efficiency of processes to provide, on a regular basis, products or services that satisfy customer requirements and aim at raising customer satisfaction. In addition, the regulation provides an underlying organizational model.


European regulation ensuring compliance of products attained with the organic method in all production phases, from field to table. The organic production method essentially aims at:

  • safeguarding soil fertility in the long term;
  • increasing biodiversity;
  • working with natural systems;
  • farming without the use of synthetic chemical products or GMOs (genetically modified organisms);
  • eliminating or minimalizing as much as possible all forms of pollution.

International Fish Oil Standards

International Fish Oil Standards is an independent Canadian body that assesses, upon producers’ voluntary requests, a supplement’s quality according to four parameters established in compliance with the criteria of the World Health Organization and the CNR in Washington D.C.:

  1. Concentration of the active ingredients;
  2. Purity of the product (absence of contaminants, such as PCBs and heavy metals);
  3. Stability (i.e., the product’s degree of freshness).


Friend of the Sea

This certifies that the fish used to make EnerZona Omega3 RX is obtained through sustainable fishing. Friend of the Sea applies the criteria established by the FAO in the guidelines for fishery products and verifies that the companies in the fisheries sector participating in the certification program practice selective fishing techniques and reduce the impact of their activities on the ecosystem.


Independent Norwegian laboratory that uses avant-garde technology to certify EnerZona Omega3 RX, guaranteeing the exclusive use of a specific fish species and its geographical origins (anchovies from the south Pacific).


The plant in Erba is certified for gluten-free production. The bites production line in the Zelbio plant is certified for gluten-free production. Enervit has chosen not to use palm oil in any of its products.


The Crossed Grain Trademark is the symbol of the AIC (Italian Celiac Association), whose labeling guides those suffering from celiac disease in the choice of foods that have been safely prepared and are suitable for the specific needs of a gluten-free diet. All Enervit products bearing the Crossed Grain Trademark satisfy the requirements in production, management and control provided for by specific technical specifications so as to ensure the absence of gluten (maximum amount permitted: 20 ppm, or 20 mg/kg).


Our Enervit Carbo Flow, Liquid Gel, One Hand Gel, Gel, After Sport, Pre Sport, Isotonic Drink, Salt Caps and Recovery Drink products are on the Cologne List® and have therefore undergone independent quality controls. These are conducted by one of the world’s leading laboratories in the analysis of nutritional supplements for performance-enhancing substances.


Enervit uses FSC® Mix certified paper for all its paper and cardboard packaging. This means that the paper used for its packs has been FSC® certified due to the responsible management of forests and ecosystems.
FSC® (Forest Stewardship Council) is an international non-governmental organization that is independent and non-profit, established to promote the responsible management of forests and plantations.
The label is applied to products containing wood, paper and derivatives (including cork) that come from forests that are correctly and responsibly managed, following rigorous environmental, social and economic standards.