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Those who love sport, like we do, can’t help themselves from loving the Environment. Inside or outside the Company. Being in a workplace that prioritizes true values such as passion, respect, fairness and a sportive feeling (that positive energy that makes us better people) brings you to treat the Planet, Nature and the Environment the same way. At Enervit we are fully aware of all social and ethical responsabilities we have towards the community we operate in. Practicing environmental sustainability is a no-brainer and it means caring for our future and for the generations that follow. In order to reach this goal, each and every step of the production process must focus on the customers’ well-being.

Our commitment can be rolled-out in the following 10 rules:

1. Knowledge is key

Increasing our colleagues’ knowledge in the field means making them self-aware of how their contribution can improve the products’ quality.


2. Maximum supervision

Monitoring all the company’s processes in order to reduce potential waste.


3. Transparency

All raw materials used in our products are high quality and NON GMO and our production plant is certified ISO 9001 and BRC. 


4. Maximum supervision of the Quality and Environment management system

This allows us to help the entire organization, throughout all activities.


5. Respect for nature and the Environment

We only have one Earth and we all share it: animals, humans, vegetals.

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The Lariano Triangle on Lake Como.

6. Complete awareness of everything we do

This allows us to guarantee quality and safeness of our products and the Environment.

7. We make way for innovative solutions and Technologies
Our goal is to reduce our environmental impact.


8. Innovation versus inventions. Innovation is our priority

It allows us to stay ahead of the game.


9. Reserch, development and communication
Everything we do aims at satisfying our consumers’ needs, today and tomorrow.

10. Quality, Environment and Food safety
Certifications bring prestige to results. This way we can garantee maximum excellence to our customers.

shutterstock_1733899292 shutterstock_1733899292