Monday, June 13th, 2022


When the summer arrives, the meal becomes Smart!


Not everyone knows that summer is the perfect time to get back in shape. Why? The pace slows down and it becomes easier to take care of yourself. Drastic diets aren’t necessary (in fact, they are counterproductive and should be avoided). You just need to have a positive approach and make smart choices that can become healthy habits over time.

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The Enervit Protein line offers many top-quality products to support you in losing weight and getting back in shape. Among these products, the meal replacements deserve special mention for being especially created to help you regain balance without sacrificing taste. They are practical, gluten-free bars, rich in protein (25%), fibre and with all the vitamins and minerals* you need in a complete meal.

The meal becomes SMART

What you need, wherever and whenever you want it. Enervit Protein's SMART meal line is the best choice to replace lunch or dinner and to keep the day’s pace high. The SMART meal is tasty, nutritionally balanced, and contains only what you need. Hazelnut, Cookie and Choco, and Coconut are just some of the varieties that can perfectly replace a meal without unnecessary worrying. Replacing one meal per day contributes to weight maintenance, while replacing two meals a day contributes to weight loss, along with a healthy and active lifestyle.

*Valid for the meal replacement category for weight control.