Enervit S.p.A. is a Company active in market of sport supplements, Food and Nutrition Functional Through Research, Development , Manufacturing and Marketing of Foods and supplements for those who practice sports and for those who are attentive to their welfare .

Most of achievements, most of conquered goals, most of the success, perhaps what really makes us unique, is the spirit with which all together, we dev

In our plants in Zelbio and Erba, we work using only high quality raw materials and non-GMOs, with quality control and more accurate manufacturing mat

In recent years, through the Equipe Enervit, we were close to many great champions, winners in the World Cup and Olympics, to record holders, in large

Our company is founded on research: the center of Research and Development work in perfect synergy with the Equipe Enervit and works with all branches

Our company best expresses the excellence of Made in Italy, but at the same time has expanded into international markets to become a benchmark of the

world enervit

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