Michele Boscacci


Discipline: Ski mountaineering

Born in Sondalo on January 4, 1990

For Michele Boscacci, ski mountaineering is in his blood. The sport unites three generations in his family, and, with the support of his grandfather, who is an ardent fan, he started skiing at age 5. Michele soon gained recognition for his talents once he began to race. He continued to score victories as he evolved but what really captured the world of ski mountaineering’s attention was when he claimed the dual titles of European champion and of overall World Cup winner. He declares it a magnificent sport – demanding and tiring – yet it puts him in contact with nature.


  • 2016 - European title and the World Cup series overall winner
  • 2017 – 2nd in the World Cup series; 3rd in the World Championship. 2nd place, the Mezzalama Trophy
  • 2018 - Wins the World Cup and the Pierra Menta
  • 2019 – 3rd in the World Cup overall, and 2nd in the individual category
  • 2021 – 1st Pierra Menta and one gold medal at the World Championships