Gel Mix Kit - 20 pieces
20 minipacks of 25ml
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The gel with caffeine for times of maximum effort
- Contains 20 mg of caffeine
- Gluten-free
- Ideal for intense and prolonged efforts
- Easy to take


What's inside the Kit:

5 Gel Orange
5 Gel Lemon
5 Gel Tropical Fruits
5 Gel Competition with Caffeine Raspberry


Gel Mix Kit - 20 pieces

Ideal during initial and intermediate phases

Designed to sustain you best during the first 2 hours.

DP4 formula
DP4 Formula

A highly technical, energy-dense carbohydrate solution*.

vitamin mix
Contains vitamin B1

Helps you during times of maximum effort by contributing to normal energy metabolism.

The highly dense energy gel in four flavours

Setting the pace from the first few kms. means setting the pace for the entire ride.
The exclusive Gel Mix Kit contains a selection of the range's legacy energy gel. It's It's designed to sustain your performance during brief activity of during the initial stages of an intense and prolongued effort.


Enervit Gel has an innovative formulation based on 20 g of carbohydrates and a vitamin mix which will help you reach your goal, whether it's about increasing your avarage pace or reaching high peaks.

It's the ideal ally: practical to use and gives you energy rapidly.

In case of intense and prolonged effort during sports practice, take Enervit Gel Competition immediately before or during the activity. The recommended dose is 4 minipacks.

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