La Indurain

Where: Villava (SPA)

When: 20 July 2024


Laindurain is named after living legend, Miguel Indurain, 5-time Tour de France champion and 2-time Giro d'Italia champion from 1985 to 1996.
It's a much-loved competition among cycling fans, who will have the opportunity to ride with Miguel on his best-loved climbs and through the forests of Navarre.

There are three routes to choose from on July 22, all starting in Villava:

* Short 60 km with 700 mts of elevation gain
* Medium 100 km with 1452 mts of elevation gain
* Long 180 km with 3130 mts of elevation gain. The route includes two category 3 climbs, one category 2 climb, and no fewer than three category 1 climbs.

Miguel Indurain has always relied on Enervit for his sports nutrition and supplementation in both racing and training.


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