Carbo Flow
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When we say 'carbo loading'
- Based on slow-release carbohydrates (isomaltulose)
- Contains cocoa flavanols
- Ideal before sport
- Easy to take


Carbo Flow

Quick to prepare
Add water and shake. Your supplement is ready.
Isolmaltulose° base
A super carbohydrate composed of glucose and fructose with an inherent natural sweetness.
Contains cocoa flavanols
Help maintain the elasticity of blood vessels, which contributes to normal blood flow.
Contains vitamin B1
B1 helps you in times of maximum effort by contributing to normal energy metabolism.
The ideal start

Preparation is everything. How and how much you've trained and what nutrition and supplementation strategy you've adopted at this stage both affect your sports performance during competition or during particularly intense training.

Take Enervit Carbo Flow during the 3-4 days prior to the race you're training for so that you'll arrive at the start with optimal carbohydrate stores that include all the benefits of cocoa flavanols.
Its innovative formula makes it a perfect complement to your pre-start breakfasts. Take it with water or add it to yogurt, the effect is the same.

  • Low fat
  • Contains cocoa

Why take it before training and competitions

Having the right supply of energy before an intense training session or a race is essential to sustaining your performance and enjoying yourself throughout the event. Thanks to its innovative formula enriched with isomaltulose*, Enervit Carbo Flow provides the body with ideal amount of carbohydrates when taken in the hours before the effort.
One serving of Enervit Carbo Flow provides 48 g of carbohydrates, which are invaluable in the early stages of intense physical activity, so remember to take it at breakfast before departing for the race.

*The intake of foods containing isomaltulose instead of other sugars induces a lower increase in blood glucose compared to foods containing sugar.

Nutritional information
Nutritional information 100 g one portion (57 g) %NRV* per100 g/57 g
Energy 1546 kj 881 kj  
  364 kcal 208 kcal  
Fat 1,58 g 0,9 g  
of which saturated 0,98 g 0,56 g  
Carbohydrate 84,2 g 48 g  
of which sugars 77 g 44 g  
Protein 3,31 g 1,88 g  
Salt 0,646 g 0,368 g  
Thiamin 1,16 mg 0,66 mg 105/60
Cocoa flavanols 702 mg 400 mg  

*% Nutritional Reference Value


Isomaltulose(77%) * - Reduced fat cocoa powder titatred at 8,3% in flavanols (degree of polymerization 1-10) (10,6%) - Maltodextrin (5,8%) - Alkalized low-fat cocoa powder (Reduced fat cocoa powder, acidity regulator: potassium carbonate) (3,74%) - Thickener: sodium carboxymethylcellulose - Aroma - Salt - Thiamine hydrochloride. It could containg cereals containing eggs, soy, milk, sesame, dried fruit.
*Isomaltulose is source of glucose and fructose.  

In the event of intense and prolonged physical activity, take one portion of the product (two scoops) two hours before exercise. The product can also be taken once per day as part of the diet. In this case take half a portion (1 scoop) as a source of vitamin B1, which contributes to normal *energy metabolism.
Preparing Carbo Flow is easy: dilute the contents of two scoops in a full glass of non-carbonated water (200 ml) to obtain a pleasant low-fat cocoa shake. If you are using one scoop, dilute the product in half a glass of non-carbonated water.