Roma-Ostia Half Marathon

Where: Roma

When: 3 March 2024

Roma Ostia Half Marathon

The Roma-Ostia was born on March 31st, 1974. Many athletes have made its history, including our very own Stefano Baldini, winner of the 1997 edition with the Italian record of 60:56 and third place in 2003 and finally in 2004, six months before his splendid triumph in Athens.

Today, the Roma-Ostia is one of the oldest running competitions in Italy and the most participated, with a record of over 12,000 registered and 11,000 classified participants in the 2015 edition.

The secret of its success? A non-flat but still very fast route, 21.097 km that, through the Cristoforo Colombo road, leads to the sea of Ostia: the ideal terrain for "hunting" for your personal best.

Follow the advice of Equipe Enervit

The Roma-Ostia for many is functional for the programming of the first marathon of the season. For this reason, it is even more important to take care of the integration aspect, before, during and after the race.

Elena Casiraghi, an expert in nutrition and sports integration of Equipe Enervit, explains: "Having a personalized integration plan while running is a valuable support for producing energy. In fact, muscles mainly use sugars from reserves (glycogen). However, since these reserves are limited, it is important to prolong them by constantly taking carbohydrates from sports supplements, choosing specially designed mixtures. One is not worth the other. Thanks to the Enervit Nutrition System, it is possible to increase running efficiency and reduce muscle fatigue."
"Before the race, it is important to carefully choose the carbohydrate mixture. Precisely to meet the needs of every athlete, Equipe Enervit has developed Enervit Pre Sport: a product in jelly format based on medium-slow release carbohydrates, ideal to be taken up to 30 minutes before the start, as a last energy refill. It is what top runners call the "waiting ration".

Enervit C2:1PRO: Maximize your energy

"To run a half marathon," adds our expert, "it is good to have built a personalized integration strategy in training that can then also be used in the race. A couple of examples? Every 10-15 minutes of running you can consume an Enervit Carbo Chews C2:1PRO. These are small, highly technical gummy candies based on maltodextrin and fructose in a 2:1 ratio. Designed to be easy to take and chew, they provide a lot of energy while minimizing the time of intake. Alternatively, you can choose the gel format with Enervit Carbo Gel C2:1PRO, for example taking one gel in the first hour of running and another one at the beginning of the second hour. The advantage of the products in the C2:1PRO line is that they provide a lot of energy in a small space. Ideal for when you have to run!"

"There are two new products that can support us during the race. Now Enervit Carbo Gel C2:1PRO is also available with caffeine, which helps to absorb carbohydrates even more quickly. The other is Enervit Carbo Gel C2:1PRO with sodium, a new formulation that also provides the right amounts of sodium, an electrolyte that is fundamental especially for hydration. At the refreshment points, therefore, it will be sufficient to take a few sips of water only."

Tips from Daniel Fontana, triathlete and Enervit Ambassador

Daniel Fontana, a leading athlete in the world of triathlon and Enervit Ambassador, says: "I have run the Roma-Ostia and I can say that it is a beautiful race, fast and regular, which attracts many international athletes who come here to do their best time. For amateurs, it means participating in a prestigious event that is part of the history of this sport. Everyone can get involved and try to set their own personal best. It is an event that represents a bit of an appetizer for the marathon season. It can be tackled well by setting your own pace and being careful not to underestimate the final sprint. The regularity of the course also allows you to plan well, and in advance, your integration strategy, which is a fundamental part of facing and living the race to the fullest, before, during and after."

Follow the Enervit Nutrition System recommended for the course. Try it in your training to arrive prepared for race day.

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