As Lube Volley Civitanova


The adventure began in 1990 in Treia, a small town in the Macerata area – home to Cucine LUBE, one of the most well-known Italian furniture companies.
Volleyball has always been a popular sport in the Marche region, and the passion spread to the company management, which decided not to limit the brand to just sponsorship, but to establish a team to make it a bona fide competitive team, which was a courageous idea way ahead of its time.
In just three years, Volley Lube has gone from the restrictive C series to the much more prestigious A2 series. This triumphant advance led to the team’s promotion to the top A1 series league in 1995.
Since then, the Cucine Lube jersey has been worn by the world's greatest champions: Andrea Zorzi, Nalbert Bitencourt, Mauricio Lima, Marco Bracci, and Lorenzo Bernardi, to name but a few athletes who have made volleyball history.
The team has recorded many memorable highlights, from the first Coppa Italia won at Pala Rossini in 2001, to the European triumph in 2002 against Olympiacos Pireo, to the first Scudetto won in game 5 against Treviso in 2006.
The memorable 2001 triumph at Pala Rossini in Ancona gave the red-and-white club its first trophy (the Coppa Italia) in what is now a very full trophy case. The following year saw Lube become European champions in the Final Four, when they beat the Greek team Olympiacos Piraeus. And the successes have never stopped.
2019 was a historic year. Volley Lube won the World Club Championship in Betim, Brazil, thus climbing to the top of the world and winning the only title missing from its already abundant list of victories. Today, Lube is the most titled volleyball club of the 21st century.

1 Club World Cup
6 championships
2 Champions League
7 Italian Championships
3 Cev Cups
1 Challenge Cup
4 Italian Super Cups