Where: Mora (SWE)

When: 3 March 2024

Vasaloppet 2023

The oldest: it's celebrating its 100th edition this year. The longest: over 90 km. The cross-country ski race with the most participants: over 15,000 in the last edition.

Vasaloppet is a truly unique event in the world of Nordic skiing that should not be missed.

The race takes place in the magical and unspoiled forests of the heart of Sweden, following the tracks of King Gustav Vasa.
When asked if 90 km was too much for the health of the participants, a famous swedish journalist and promoter of the first edition replied that it was the right distance to test the “manhood” of the skiers.

Since then, many things have changed, but not the route, which still connects the two towns of Mora and Sälen, nor the blueberry juice drink, which is distributed to all athletes.
Today, modern equipment, targeted preparation, and innovative sports nutrition make it possible to face the Vasaloppet with more awareness, in search of one’s best performance.

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