What’s Federico Pellegrino's secret? Preparation and attention to every detail.

Equipe Enervit

"My objective is aimed at 100%". Happier than ever, this is what Federico Pellegrino told us. He came to visit us at our headquarters in Milan. Here’s what he had to say.

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At the peak, in mid-February

"For the 2021- 2022 season, I had a precise goal: to reach peak performance in mid-February. I did this, thanks to a strategy that started way back in the summer, and by taking advantage of December to participate in World Cup races. The goal? To get to know myself even better, to manage the various aspects – including nutrition intake, and to finalise every single element in advance of February. I'm happy to have succeeded; the results I achieved confirm it.”

Not just talent: attention to detail

"My first World Cup victory dates back to the 2014 - 2015 season. If I think about the secret behind my many great successes year after year, it's this: attention to detail. If I arrived at this level of performance thanks only to talent, I prove to myself again and again that to compete with much younger athletes at my age of 32, it is attention to detail that makes the difference."

With the support of Equipe Enervit

"When translated into practice. I keep all aspects under control, including those that may appear to be collateral, but which represent a fundamental part of the performance. I'm talking about nutrition and intake, which I have perfected and refined thanks to the invaluable support of Equipe Enervit. Together we have prepared a strategy that helps me in training and above all, during racing.”

Supplements on training days...

As far as supplements are concerned, I make good use of them: neither too much nor too little before, during, and after training. It all depends on the type of training. If I'm being practical, I’ll do two workouts a day: the main one and one on the side, so to speak. In the first one, I opt for minerals and maltodextrins. In the second one, consisting of runs or a long skirrolate, I may just need a few sips of water from fountains dotted around the countryside. I never overdo it. In any case, I listen to the signals that my body sends me, which is a rule that I apply both in training and racing.”

... and those on race days

"On race days, I always carry minerals, pre-sports, bars, and gels to better manage my performance. It must be said that sprints are unique races; they are developed over several rounds and recovery between each one is reduced as you approach the finish.”

That's why, not infrequently, I change my method depending on how I feel. If I'm lacking a little bit of sparkle, I go for a supplement. If I'm feeling tired, I evaluate the need for a different one. At other times I realize that I don't need anything. The important thing is to never push yourself beyond a certain level of lactate production, which runs the risk of you arriving at the finish exhausted. Finally, figuring out which supplement to choose at any given moment is also a way to keep your mind off how many minutes are left until the next round or competition. This helps the mind."

For maximum performance

"In any case, when I'm looking for maximum performance, I follow what Equipe Enervit taught me. That is, I use special carbohydrate blends based on a 2:1 ratio between maltodextrin and fructose, such as Enervit Isocarb. This is a product that’s increasingly essential for helping me maximize the absorption of carbohydrates and aim straight for my goals."