Protein Flakes
tub 224g
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Crunchy soy flakes to balance your food preparation
- Contains soy protein isolate
- High in protein
- 100% vegetarian


Protein Flakes

source of protein
A product designed to bring the right amount of protein to your food preparation.
100% vegetarian
To meet the needs of those who have chosen a vegan diet.
no flavour
Neutral taste
Perfect for any recipe, both sweet and savory.
Crunchy protein flakes for your food preparation

EnerZona Protein Flakes are crunchy soy protein flakes that - when added to recipes - make it possible to create a dish that is perfectly balanced in macronutrients (40% of calories come from carbohydrates, 30% from protein and the remaining 30% from fat) to satisfy both those who follow the Zone diet and those who value a balanced diet.

A single ingredient: soy, it's rich in protein, 100% vegan, incredibly versatile, and of the highest quality.
EnerZona Protein Flakes are crunchy and neutral in taste so as not to upset the flavour of your dishes. They simply add protein and crunch!

  • Contains high-quality soy protein isolate
  • one tablespoon (approx. 8 g) = 1 portion = 7 g of protein

Perfect for your recipes

Using EnerZona Protein Flakes in the kitchen is very easy. Try them in yogurt to add a crunchy protein boost to your breakfast, or add them to salads, vegetables, and soups to balance out your dishes. The neutral taste of protein goes with everything!
If you want to flex your creativity, use them to create tasty snacks in the Zone!

Nutritional information
calories 1619 kj / 382 kcal 130 kj / 31 kcal
Fat 3,1 g 0,2 g
Saturated fat 0,8 g 0,06 g
Carbohydrates 1,0 g 0,1 g
Sugar 1,0 g 0,1 g
Fiber 88 g 7,0 g
Protein 2,75 g 0,22 g
Soy protein. May contain traces of milk and/or eggs.
Add one tablespoon (approximately 8 g, 1 serving) to desired food. Up to two servings per day are recommended considering other protein sources provided by the diet. EnerZona Protein Flakes do not contain added flavours or sweeteners, so it has a neutral taste that allows you to add it to every day foods. Combine Protein Flakes with a source of carbohydrates (such as fruit) and a source of fat (nuts, whole milk) to obtain the balance in calories 40-30-30 provided by the Zone Diet. The product should be used as part of a varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle.