Meal Shake Strawberry
Shake 50g
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Strawberry shake for a balanced meal
- Balanced recipe 40-30-30
- High in protein
- Source of fiber
- Source of magnesium

Meal Shake Strawberry

instant meal
Meal 40-30-30
The shake with all the protein, carbs, and fats you need to make a tasty, nutritious meal.
milk proteins
Contains milk proteins
Chosen for their excellent nutritional profile*.
real fruit
Contains real strawberries
For a pleasant texture and fresh taste.
The ready-to-go meal shake

EnerZona Shake is the 40-30-30 balanced meal shake that's ideal for both those who follow the Zone diet and for those who value a balanced diet, thanks to its perfectly balanced formula of macronutrients (40% of calories come from carbohydrates, 30% from proteins and the remaining 30% from fats).

It comes from the combination of the best raw materials, which have been carefully selected and are of the highest quality. It is rich in protein and it's a source of fiber and magnesium.
EnerZona Shake Strawberry is dense and creamy and uses real freeze-dried strawberries to give you a taste of freshness with every sip.

  • Source of magnesium**
  • 1 shake = 2 blocks

Practical and quick to prepare

With EnerZona Shake Strawberry, you have a convenient, on-the-go solution for a balanced break wherever you are.
Shake the contents of the sachet in water or milk, and get a delicious and fresh drink to take with you to the office to sip in between calls, to the park, or to enjoy when you?re on the run.
Try it also as ice cream! Pour the shake into popsicle molds and place it in the freezer for at least 3 hours. Your protein ice cream is ready!

*contributes to maintaining muscle mass
**contributes to reducing tiredness and fatigue

Nutritional information
Nutritional information 100 g 50 g in 150 ml Semi-skim milk 50 g in 150 ml of water *NRV%
calories 1827 kj 1184 kj 915 kj  
  434 kcal 282 kcal 217 kcal  
Fat 14,4 g 9,3 g 7,2 g  
Saturated fat 8,4 g 5,4 g 4,2 g  
Carbohydrates 43 g 28 g 21,5 g  
Sugar 43 g 28 g 21,5 g  
Fiber 1,8 g 0,9 g 0,9 g  
Protein 32,3 g 21 g 16,2 g  
Salt 0,45 g 0,4 g 0,23 g  
Magnesium 226 mg 134 mg 113 mg 30
Whole milk powder - Whey protein CFMF (Cross Flow MicroFiltration) (21%) - Fructose (21%) - Freeze-dried strawberries (3%) - Guar seed flour - Flavors - Acidifier: citric acid - Magnesium oxide (0.3%). May contain traces of cereals containing gluten, eggs, soy, milk, sesame, and nuts.
Mix the contents of one sachet in 150 ml of water or semi-skim milk and let the product rest for about two minutes to obtain a good consistency. You can obtain an even more cream consistency by using a shaker. 1 sachet + 150 ml of semi-skim milk = 3 blocks 1 sachet + 150 ml of water = 2 blocks approx.