Enervit Protein
Snack Brownie
Bar 30g
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Protein-rich bar with cocoa beans, coated with dark chocolate.
- 25% protein-rich from milk
- Low sugar
- High in fiber
- Gluten-free
- Palm oil free

Enervit Protein

Snack Brownie

milk proteins
Protein-rich from milk

Helps maintain muscle tone. You will find only the highest quality in our Protein Snacks.

low sugar
Low Sugar
An ideal combination even for sugar-conscious people.
With cocoa beans

Crunchy and precious, they highlight the cocoa taste.

The protein-rich snack that helps you stay fit

One of the best practices to follow to stay in shape is to snack mid-morning and mid-afternoon.
To help you in your mission, we developed the Enervit Protein Snack range: protein and fibre-rich, gluten free and palm oil free bars.

Each bar helps you get the most out of your day and take a break whenever you need one, thanks to its ideal protein intake. 
The protein-rich Protein Snack Brownie with dark chocolate coating, is extremely intense and comforting.


With you all day long

Whether you're strolling at the park, relaxing at home or taking a break from work, it's always a good time for a protein snack. The high quality ingredients make Protein Snack the perfect choice whenever you need it the most. 

Nutritional information
Nutritional information Per 100 g Per bar (30 g)
calories 1543 kj 463 kj
  371 kcal 111 kcal
Fat 17 g 5,1 g
Saturated fat 7 g 2,1 g
Carbohydrates 36 g 11 g
Sugar 0,4 g 0,1 g
Fiber 12 g 3,6 g
Protein 25 g 7,3 g
Salt 0,4 g 0,1 g
Dark chocolate couverture with sweetener (22%) (cocoa paste, sweetener: maltitols, cocoa butter, emulsifier: lecithin (from soya), vanilla extract) - Milk protein isolate (16,7%) - Sweetener: sorbitols - Bulking agent: polydextrose - Hydrolysed collagen (8,8%) - Sweetener: maltitols - Soy extrudates (5%) (soy protein isolate, alkali-processed cocoa, tapioca starch) - Humectant: glycerol - Cocoa butter - Acacia fibre - Low-fat cocoa (low-fat cocoa, acidity regulator: potassium carbonate) (1.3%) - Emulsifier: lecithins - Flavourings - Cocoa beans (0.5%) - Salt - Concentrated caramel solution. May contain traces of soya, sesame seeds, nuts, peanuts.