Vegetal Plant Protein Blend
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The highest quality plant-based protein for your workout
- Contains pea protein isolate, rice protein, and cocoa
- 20,4 g of protein
- Post-workout protein boost
- Muscle mass growth*
- Protein metabolism**


Vegetal Plant Protein Blend

At the end of the workout
Or throughout the day, protein is the key nutrient to support your muscle mass*.
vegetal protein
Contains pea protein isolate, and rice and cocoa proteins
Ideal for those following a vegetarian diet.
vitamin mix
Enriched with vitamins B6 and B12
They contribute to normal protein and glycogen metabolism**.
The plant-based protein boost for your muscle mass

Maximise your workout results by giving your muscles the protein they need to grow*.

Gymline Vegetal Plant Protein is a powdered supplement of pea protein isolate, and rice and cocoa proteins. This blend possesses a complete amino acid profile for essential amino acids, which makes it a great alternative to whey protein. It's a highly functional protein mix that naturally provides iron and zinc, and is capable of supporting those who train intensely and follow a plant-based diet.
It's quick and easy to prepare, so you can take it with you to the gym and take it at the end of the workout.

  • 20,4 g of protein per serving
  • easy to take thanks to the high solubility of pea protein isolate, and rice and cocoa proteins
  • enriched with calcium
  • cocoa flavour
post workout gymline_4

Why take it

You eat a vegetarian diet and train hard with the goal of increasing your muscle mass.
Gymline Vegetal Plant Protein powder supplement contains high-quality plant proteins, which help you get your daily protein boost. This protein is distinguished by its high protein content - it's the ideal ally at the gym.
After your workout, make your own vegetarian protein shake - add two scoops to water and blend vigorously to get a substantial cocoa-flavored drink.

*Protein contributes to growing and maintaining muscle mass.
**Vitamin B6 contributes to the normal metabolism of proteins and glycogen. Vitamin B12 contributes to normal energy metabolism.

post workout gymline_4
Nutritional information
Nutritional information 100 g Per dose (30 g) **%NRV (100 g / 30 g)
Energy 1498 kJ 355 kcal   449 kJ 107 kcal    
Fat 6,7 g 2 g  
of which saturated 1,7 g     0,5 g  
Carbohydrates 3,7 g 1,1 g  
of which Sugar 0 g 0 g  
Fibers 5,2 1,6  
Protein 68 g 20,4 g  
Salt 0,8 g 0,2 g  
Vitamin B6 1,4 mg 0,42 mg 100/30
Vitamin B12 2,5 μg 0,75 μg 100/30
Iron 17,5 mg 5,3 mg 125/38
Calcium 800 mg 240 mg 100/30
Zinc 7,7 mg 2,3 mg 77/23

Alanina 4,3 g
Arginina 9,6 g
Acido aspartico 9,8 g
Cisteina 1,2 g
Acido Glutammico 16,5 g
Glicina 3,9 g
Istidina 2,6 g
Isoleucina 5 g
Leucina 8,8 g
Lisina 7,5 g
Metionina 1,4 g
Fenilalanina 5,8 g
Prolina 4,5 g
Serina 4,9 g
Treonina 3,6 g
Triptofano 0,8 g
Tirosina 4,5 g
Valina 5,3 g

Isolated pea protein (61%) - Rice protein (12%) - Flavors - Potato protein (8%) - Alkalized defatted cocoa powder (7%) - Vitamin and mineral mix (Calcium (tribasic calcium phosphate) - Vitamin B6 (pyridoxine hydrochloride, emulsifier: mono and diglycerides of fatty acids**) - Vitamin B12 (maltodextrin, cyanocobalamin) - Anti-caking agent: silicon dioxide - Sweetener: sucralose. **of non-animal origin May contain traces of cereals containing gluten, milk, soy, eggs.

Prepare a portion by dissolving 2 scoops (about 30 g) in 200-300 ml of non-carbonated water using a shaker. We recommend up to one serving per day depending on your activity and considering other protein sources in your diet.