The Enervit Story

We celebrate our first 70 years with the book published by Mondadori Electa.

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A company’s age expresses not only time that has passed, but also experience gained, insights had, objectives accomplished, a path forged. A company’s age, also and above all, has to do with heritage. 

Today, as we celebrate our first 70 years, we wish to tell the story of our heritage, and by doing so to commemorate our identity, our values, our beliefs, our dreams. All this since 1954, when the company was called Also, without ever losing sight of our founding objective: “Help people improve the quality of their life.” A concept as simple as it is powerful, because it contains three precious key words: people, quality, life
This is a photo book to look back at Enervit’s long commitment to positive nutrition and sports supplementation, but that’s not all. With its many images, The Enervit Story offers a cross section of a company in continual movement. It helps contextualize the historical period, with its needs, its demands, allowing for a glimpse of the future.
It is an extraordinary monography to delve into, feel moved by and be swept up in, through the stories, faces, names and accomplishments of those who, yesterday and today, have contributed to the magnificence of sporting history: Sara Simeoni, Alberto Tomba, Reinhold Messner, Francesco Moser, Tadej Pogačar, Jannik Sinner and many other champions. An emotional impact bound to make a mark, as it inspires awe and amazement. And it reminds us that a sporting spirit is positive energy that elevates us.

Written by Lucia Cordero
Forward by Giovanni Bruno


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