Pre Sport Variety Kit
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Try the exclusive Pre Sport Variety Kit with the innovative energy gel ideal prior to activity.
What's inside the KIT:

3 Pre Sport Cranberry
3 Pre Sport Orange 
3 Pre Sport Cola with caffeine 


Pre Sport Variety Kit

I prodotti del kit

The real Pre Sport

The Pre Sport Variety Kit allows you to try the energy gel, specific for boosting energy prior activity, in both versions - with and witout caffeine. 

The energy gel Pre Sport has an innovative formula based on a concentrate of different carbohydrate sources and enriched with isomaltulose° and vitamine B, designed to prepare your body for action in the best way possible, putting you in the right frame of mind.
Thie highly technical energy supplement works best if taken 2 hours prior to the activity, whether it's at breakfast, or directly on the start line.

°The intake of foods containing isomaltulose instead of other sugars induces a lower increase in blood glucose compared to foods containing sugar.

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More Information
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Brand Enervit
Consuming time During sport
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