Enervit Break
Salty Caramel Bar box of 3
Box of 3 Bars da 27g
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The perfect caramel bar for breakfast or a snack break
- Dark chocolate base
- Source of protein and fiber
- Gluten-free
- 100% plant-based
- VeganOk Certified
- Oat-based

Enervit Break

Salty Caramel Bar box of 3

The oat bar with salty caramel
Meets the requirements for breakfast, as well as those of a mid-day snack.

Enervit Break is a 100% plant-based, protein* and fiber bar made from a unique combination of crunchy oat flakes, almonds, and toasted hazelnuts.
The Enervit Break Salty Caramel bar adds lots of crunchy nuts, salty caramel and a dark chocolate base to give you a strong, comforting flavour any time of day. It's ultra irresistible!

  • No palm oil
  • Contains salty caramel

From breakfast to snack time

There are many occasions to enjoy the Enervit Break oat bar. At breakfast, when you're in a hurry due to your busy schedule, it helps you face the day with the right energy and puts you in a good mood. Combine it with a hot drink or juice.
Mid-morning or mid-afternoon, it allows you to treat yourself to a tasty snack break in a practical and quick way.

*Protein contributes to growing and maintaining muscle mass.