Marcialonga Training Pack
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Support your trainings with the exclusive Marcialonga Training Pack.
What's inside the Pack:

3 Pre Sport Cranberry
9 Competition bar Banana
2 Gel Cola 
1 Gel Competition Citrus
2 Instant Sport Drink Lemon
1 Carbo Tablets 24 
3 R2 Recovery Drink


Marcialonga Training Pack

The Special Pack that helps you perfect your performance

Both of Marcialonga’s routes require an intense and prolonged effort, so better prepare at your best for the race day.

To help you perfect your performance we developed the Marcialonga Training Pack, a specific selection of products aimed at all three stages of the activity: before, to increase energy levels; during, to combat fatigue and tiredness; after, to recover fully.

Enervit Pre Sport energy gel prepares your body for action in the best way possible, thanks to its innovative formula based on carbohydrates and isomaltulose°, since 2 hours prior to the activity!

Energy gels and bars, when ideally combined help keep the energy high, allowing you to give all you’ve got in the intermediate and final phases of the effort.

End with R2 Recovery Drink, the carbohydrates and amino-acids drink, that gives your muscles the valuable nutrients they need to recover at best, preparing them for the next session. Take it within 30 mins from the end of the activity. 

°The intake of foods containing isomaltulose instead of other sugars induces a lower increase in blood glucose compared to foods containing sugar.