Crackers Cereals - 4 pcs
4 Boxes of 7 Minipack each
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Grain-based crackers that are ideal as a salty snack for your balanced snacks
- Balanced recipe 40-30-30
- High in protein
- A source fiber
- 100% vegetarian
- Contains extra virgin olive oil

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Crackers Cereals - 4 pcs

Balance 40-30-30

A products designed for those who follow the Zone diet and for those who value a balanced diet.

100% vegetarian

Also ideal for those who follow a vegetarian diet.

Blend of 4 select flours

Whole grain spelt, Kamut®, oat, and buckwheat flours.

The salty snack with an exclusive recipe

EnerZona Crackers are the balanced salty snack 40-30-30 that?s ideal both for those who follow the Zone diet and for those who value a balanced diet, thanks to their perfectly balanced formula of macronutrients (40% of calories come from carbohydrates, 30% from proteins, and the remaining 30% from fats).
They are made from a unique and exclusive recipe. They are 100% vegetarian, high in fiber and protein, and are born from the combination of carefully selected ingredients of the highest quality.
EnerZona Crackers Grains reveal themselves after the first bite: thin and crispy, they simultaneously enhance the delicate taste of its flours and the elegant taste of its seed mix and extra virgin olive oil.

  • Contains soy, pea, and wheat proteins
  • 1 minipack = 1 block

Perfect at any moment

Take EnerZona Crackers Grains with you anytime! Thanks to their practical single-serving portion, they are ideal for a mid-morning snack or during a busy afternoon. Not only that! They are excellent for accompanying your meals in a balanced way by replacing bread, or as a base for delicious recipes.

Nutritional information
Nutritional informations  Per 100g Per minipack (25g)
Energy 1782 kj / 424 kcal 446 kj / 106 kcal
fats  13 g 3,3 g
of which saturated fats  2,1 g 0,53 g
of which mono-Unsaturated Fats 7,4 g 1,9 g
of which Poly-Unsaturated Fats 2,1 g 0,53 g
Carbohydrates 42,5 g 10,6 g
of which sugars 1,8 g 0,45 g
Fibre 4,9 g 1,2 g
Protein 32 g 8 g
Salt 2,2 g 0,55 g

Whole wheat spelt flour (30.8%) - Spelt flour (16.2%) - Concentrated soy protein - Extra virgin olive oil (10.2%) - Isolated pea protein - Wheat protein - Oat flour (4.7%) - Khorasan wheat flour (Kamutᄅ) (3.7%) - Buckwheat flour (3.7%) - Salt - Antioxidant: rosemary extracts. May contain traces of egg, sesame seeds.