Nove Colli

Where: Cesenatico

When: 21 May 2023


Nove Colli, the "queen" of cycling granfondos for its number of participants, takes place each year along the roads of Romagna. It is one of the most prestigious events of its kind, as well as being one of the most historic (it was founded in 1971) and the one with the highest number of participants (more than 11,000) in Italy.
The possible circuits, both with start at the Port Canal are:

  • 'Medium': 130 km, with an elevation gain of 1.871 m,
  • 'Long': 194 km, with an elevation gain of 3.880 m, for the bravests,

Determination, discipline, willpower, and preparation come into play along these routes. Nothing can be left to chance when you plan to take part in this leg-busting race.

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Medium route - 130 km

Enervit Strategy Nove Colli - 130 km


Long route - 194 km

Enervit Strategy Nove Colli - 194 km



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