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Enervit is particularly committed to research and quality and is very well established in Italy, where its main lines of supplements are produced. Enervit products are manufactured in the Zelbio plant, which is in Pian del Tivano, a high altitude plateau where the air is pure. The raw materials used for manufacturing are top quality and there are NO GMOs. Production quality levels are excellent too. Quality controls are very accurate, as proven by ISO 9001:2000 certification as well. 

Enervit is a research-based company. Its Research and Development Centre works in perfect synergy with the Enervit Team and collaborates with all the branches of nutritional science and the world of supplements for sports and active life. It uses the synergies and collaborations that have been active for years with Italian universities and research centres abroad, as well as close relations with the world of Olympic sports, competitive sports and amateur sports.

Enervit products are born from all this research work and in-depth analysis. They will be discussed in this web site, which also contains advice on how to eat properly while exercising, to feel well and to stay slim and healthy. Enervit’s commitment to sports and wellness has always been centred on a close collaboration with athletes (professional and otherwise) and with people who choose a healthy, active lifestyle. This sharing of experience and skills is necessary for the development of products that are increasingly able to satisfy the needs of athletes.

Thanks to the intuition of the company’s founder (Dr Paolo Sorbini), the Enervit Team - a team of doctors, researchers and technicians with different specialisations, under the supervision of professor Enrico Arcelli - was established in the 1970s. For more than thirty years the Enervit Team has worked with great champions, making the history of nutrition and integration for sports. It provided dietary and medical assistance during the Grand Tour of Italy for more than 30 years and, in 1984, it insisted on and organised the hour record of Francesco Moser in Mexico City. The record introduced extraordinary innovations in the world of cycling, adding new training techniques and revolutionary nutrition strategies.

Enervit was also present every time Reinhold Messner climbed the fourteen eight-thousanders without supplemental oxygen. It was behind the success of soccer teams such as Juventus (trained by Trapattoni) and Milan (trained by Sacchi), of Alberto Tomba’s skiing Olympic golds and medals. It was with the Azzurra (first) and Luna Rossa (second) boats in the America's Cup, with the Italian Rugby team and cycling teams. It helped athletes such as Valentina Vezzali, Lorenzo Vismara, Filippo Magnini, Alessia Filippi, the Armani Jeans Olimpia Milano team and, recently, Francesca Schiavone, the winner of the Roland Garros. The Enervit Team is in close contact with the Enervit Research Centre in the Zelbio production plant, in order to create and fine tune strategies and products that help people who exercise and practise sports. In the Zelbio plant (1,000 metres a.s.l., in Pian del Tivano) new products are created and tested. Thanks to the carefully selected raw materials, to the top quality production processes and the continuous controls (with UNI EN ISO 9001-2008 certification) these products are completely safe and of very high quality.



The pioneer of the Zone in Europe was Dr Paolo Sorbini, the founder of the historic company in the sector of special nutrition and diets. After meeting Barry Sears, an American researcher, he and other doctors and researchers spread awareness of the scientific principles of the Zone’s nutrition strategy. These principles underlie a healthy diet aimed at wellness.

Today, the Zone is a well-known lifestyle with many followers in Italy and Europe. The EnerZona line of products – the only original one, endorsed by Barry Sears - is gaining a considerable number of consumers.