Du har inga artiklar i din varukorg.
The founder of Also S.p.A. was Dr Paolo Sorbini, a pharmacist from a family of apothecaries from Montepulciano, who began with importing pharmaceutical products containing phytotherapic extracts. He eventually bought a small workshop in the outskirts of Milan where, at the beginning of 1954, he merged marketing with industrial activity and founded Also S.p.A. (known today as Enervit S.p.A.). The plant in Zelbio, in Pian del Tivano, near Lake Como, was built in 1972 and still is the Enervit S.p.A.'s production plant.

Between 2001 and 2003 Enervit’s shareholders increased with the arrival of three new partners, Tamburi Investment Partners S.p.A. (2001), Claudio Costamagna (2002) and L.Q.H. – S.A., a Luxembourg company indirectly controlled by Nerio Alessandri (2003).

In 2008 the Group changed its legal form to Enervit S.p.A.

Enervit S.p.A. has always been actively involved in the world of sports and, via the Enervit® brand, was the official supplier of the Italian Rugby team and of the Armani Jeans Olimpia Basketball team (Milan). It also used its experience to help in events and feats that made - and still are - the history of  successful sports in various disciplines and major events, such as the hour record set by Moser (cycling), the great sports feats of Valentina Vezzali (fencing), of Azzurra Prada and Mascalzone Latino in the America’s Cup (sailing), of the great Alberto Tomba (Ski World Cup), the Grand Tour of Italy and the Dolomite Marathon (cycling), Marcialonga (cross country skiing), the Festival of Fitness, the Italian Open (tennis), the Milan and Juventus soccer teams.