Enervit Protein
Spelt and Oat Crackers
7 Minipack da 24g
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Protein-rich savory crackers with spelt and oat protein
- 20% spelt, pea, and soy protein
- 100% plant-based
- High in fiber
- Contains extra virgin olive oil

Enervit Protein

Spelt and Oat Crackers

high protein
Protein-rich from spelt, pea, and soy

Helps maintain muscle tone. You will only find the highest quality protein in our Protein Crackers.

100% vegetarian

A unique combination that makes them ideal even for those who follow a vegetarian diet.

Spelt and Oats

A careful selection – oats, a superfood among cereals, and spelt, prized for its nutritional characteristics and savory taste.

The savoury snack that helps you stay fit

One of the best practices to follow to stay in shape is: snack mid morning and mid afternoon.
To help you in your mission, we developed the Enervit Protein crackers range: thin, 100% plant-based, protein and fibre-rich crackers.



Their ideal protein intake helps you get the most out of your day and take a break whenever you need one. 
The Enervit Protein crackers are made of the highest quality ingredients, such as fine flours and extra vergin olive oil.



With you all day long

Protein Crackers are the perfect savoury mid-day snack as well as accompaniment to your dishes, in sostitution to bread, thanks to their prctical mini packs. 

Nutritional information

Nutritional information

Per 100 g

Per Minipack (25 g)


1577 kj

394 kj


374 kcal

94 kcal


6,8 g

1,7 g

Saturated fat

1,2 g

0,3 g


54 g

13,5 g


2,5 g

0,62 g


8,4 g

2,1 g


20 g

5 g


2,3 g

0,58 g


Wholemeal spelt flour (40%) - Spelt flour (30%) - Soy protein isolate (6%) - Pea protein isolate (5%) - Khorasan wheat flour (Kamut®) (4%) - Extra virgin olive oil (4%) - Corn starch - Oat flakes (3%) - Wheat protein (2%) - Salt - Antioxidant: rosemary extracts.May contain traces of egg, sesame seeds.