Ultra Trail Lago Maggiore - Hoka  01.10.2022


"From Lake to Sky...across Wilderness"

This is how the Ultra Trail Lago Maggiore presents itself. The trail race crosses the most iconic regions of the Verbano heights, with long stretches transiting the Val Grande National Park, the largest wilderness area in the Alps.

It’s a place abandoned during the post-war period, where nature is regaining its space, and where silence, balance, and harmony reign.

On October 1, 4 different routes will start from Verbania, allowing athletes of all levels to challenge themselves on the terrain best suited to their abilities.


- Sunset: 18 km with 700 metres of elevation gain

- Scenic: 37 km with 2100 metres of elevation gain

- Brave: 52 km with 3100 metres of elevation gain

- Wild: the most extreme, 81 km with 5200 metres of elevation gain

Find out how to best tackle the Ultra Trail Lago Maggiore by following our recommended Enervit Nutrition Systems for each of the four trails. Try them in your workouts in order to arrive prepared on race day.


Route Sunset - 18 k


Route Scenic - 37 k



Route Brave - 52 k



Route Wild - 81 K




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