The importance of omega-3 in the Zone Diet


Barry Sears's Zone diet, with its 40-30-30 formula and the support of omega-3, still has a lot to say.


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Twenty-five years and counting. This is notable for a diet that, since it was born, has had a significant following on both sides of the ocean. We are talking about the Zone, the dietary strategy developed by Barry Sears, which still has a lot to say today. Its purpose, which is also its strong point, is to properly balance what we put on our plate every day, from breakfast to dinner, including snacks.


Zone Diet: the 40-30-30 formula

Food becomes a true ally in the Zone Diet, thanks to a precise combination of carbohydrates, proteins, and fats. Its formula is simple: 40-30-30. For the three main meals and at least two snacks, 40% of calories must come from carbohydrates, 30% from proteins, and the remaining 30% from fats.

Zone Diet: the importance of omega-3

Food and omega-3 fatty acids. According to Barry Sears, an adequate intake of omega-3 fatty acids is a fundamental part of a balanced dietary strategy. However, it’s indispensable that, should they be taken through supplementation, omega-3 fatty acids have these fundamental characteristics:

  • are obtained by molecular distillation, a process that allows purification from pollutants
  • have a total concentration of omega-3 equal to at least 75%
  • contain at least 60% EPA + DHA
  • contain EPA and DHA in a 2:1 ratio
  • are certified by qualified laboratories (IFOS)

importanza degli omega 3 nella dieta
What about EnerZona Omega 3 RX? It has all of them

EnerZona Omega 3 RX has all of the above characteristics. In fact, it is:
- concentrated: it contains 75% of total omega-3 and at least 60% of EPA and DHA in a 2:1 ratio
- intact and stable. Fish oil is a delicate product and is often easily perishable
- pure and certified IFOS (International Fish Oil Standards)
Not only that. The technology used to prepare EnerZona Omega 3 RX makes it possible to obtain a product that is stable over time. In this way, all the positive characteristics can be maintained unaltered for a long time.

Green light to omega-3

So, yes to omega-3. This applies whether you rely on fish or, in case of an increased need, on a supplement. In this instance, it’s essential that the omega-3 from fish oil in supplement form is purified and concentrated.