Mix Gel Kit
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Discover the exclusive Mix Gel Kit, our selection of energy gels designed to support your performance in each stage of the activity.
What's inside the Kit: 

2 Isotonic Gels Raspberry
2 Liquid Gels Orange
1 Gel Cola box of 3
3 Gels One Hand Tropical Fruits



Mix Gel Kit

What you get

The energy gels to support your performance

When practicing endurance sports, both the intensity and the lenght of the effort will determine the energy support you will require to maximise your performance. The energy gels will make the difference, as long as you take them before even feeling the need, the risk could be finding yourself without energy. 

Insiede the exclusive Mix Gel Kit  you will find a fine selection of our energy gels, designed to support your performance from the start till the end of the activity.

  • Gel: a source of energy-dense carbohydrates*, ideal in the initial and intermediate phases of an intense and prolonged effort. Its DP4 formula, is pure innovation.
  • Gel One Hand: is half portion of a Gel with an innovative packaging: Easysnap® allows you to use just one hand. The ideal solution for runners.
  • Isotonic Gel: a high-performance energy gel easy to tolerate under stress, for repeted days, thanks to its isotonic formula which required no extra water. Used by professionals.
  • Liquid Gel: innovative carbo-mix of maltodextrin and fructose in a 2:1 ratio, ideal for the final stages of an intense and prolonged effort or to dilute in your sports bottle. It's easy to take and both efficient and convenient, thanks to its resealable cap.


Put them the in back pocket of your jersey and use them whenever in need. Now its ut to you, go for your goals!




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