Beta Alanine
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Enervit Sport Beta Alanina
The ideal dietary supplement for high intensity efforts
-Optimal for endurance sports
-Ideal before sport
Container of 100 tablets

Beta Alanine

Designed for athletes
Ideal when implemented in a nutrition strategy.
Ideal before sport
So that the body can benefit from it.
Contains high quality beta-alanine
An amino acid naturally occurring in the body – a precursor to carnosine.
Prepare yourself for intense efforts
Prepare yourself for intense efforts
Enervit Sport Beta-Alanine is a dietary supplement containing beta-alanine, a carnosine precursor that?s present in high concentrations in human skeletal muscle. It performs an important buffering function against lactic acid buildup by helping to reduce the acidity caused by the accumulation of lactic acid that occurs during high training intensities.
Carnosine is therefore useful in supporting muscle metabolism during high-intensity physical exertion.
Enervit Sport Beta-Alanine is ideal if you practice intense physical activity.
  • Practical and quick to take

Why take it if you do physical activity

Who wouldn't want an ally for their training sessions?
Enervit Sport Beta-Alanine is the food supplement based on high quality beta-alanine ? a precursor of carnosine, which plays an important buffering function against lactic acid buildup.
One dose allows you to take 1.6 g of high quality beta-alanine with guaranteed purity in a practical and fast way.
Beta-Alanina (80%) - Addensante: idrossi-propil-cellulosa – Agenti antiagglomeranti: biossido di silicio, sali di magnesio degli acidi grassi. Può contenere tracce di soia, latte, uova.
Recommended intake is 2 tablets per day, equivalent to 1.6 g of beta-alanine.