Enervit Protein
Muesli Dark Chocolate and Hazelnut
Bag 230g
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Protein-rich muesli with dark chocolate and hazelnuts
- 30% protein-rich from soy, oat and wheat
- High in fibre
- Palm oil free

Enervit Protein

Muesli Dark Chocolate and Hazelnut

Helps maintain muscle tone. You will find only the highest quality protein in our muesli.
Dark chocolate
Its strong flavour will win you over, spoonful after spoonful.
Formerly known as the «poor man's chocolate», today they win us over with their rich aroma and flavour.
The protein-rich muesli that helps you stay fit

You only need one good habit to eventually change your routine for good. Kick off your day with a delicious protein-rich breakfast and figure out how easy it is to stay fit and face the day ahead.

Protein Muesli are rich in fibre and proteins, and palm oil free and packed with the highest quality ingredients, such as hi-protein soy, oat and wheat flakes, dark chocolate and hazelnuts.
Enjoy Protein Muesli Dark Chocolate and Hazelnut at breakfast, and get amazed by the crunchiness and genuine flavour of its dark chocolate and chopped hazelnuts.



A versatile and rich breakfast

Try Protein Muesli with your morning milk, yogurt or porridge. The possible combinations are endless, so try them all! Start your day with the right energy.

Nutritional information
Nutritional information Per 100 g Per portion (23 g)
calories 414 kcal 96 kcal
  1743 kj 405 kj
Fat 12,4 g 2,8 g
Saturated fat 4,3 g 1 g
Carbohydrates 43 g 9,9 g
of which sugars 13 g 3 g
Fiber 7,2 g 1,7 g
Protein 30 g 7 g
Salt 0,75 g 0,17 g
Multi-grain soy protein flakes (33%) (soy protein isolate (19% on the finished product), rice flour, wholemeal oat flour, barley flour, rice syrup) - Dark chocolate curls (17%) (sugar, cocoa paste, cocoa butter, anhydrous butter (from milk), low-fat cocoa powder, emulsifier Lecithin (from soy)) - Oat flakes (11%) - Pralined hazelnut chips (11%) (hazelnuts (6.6% on the finished product), sugar) - Spelt flakes (10%) - Concentrated soy protein (6%) - Cocoa oat flakes (6%) (oat flakes (4, 5% of the finished product), oligofructose, cocoa powder, sunflower oil high in oleic acid) - Caramelised puffed rice (6%) (rice, sugar). May contain traces of egg, other nuts.