Indoor training on bike rollers and nutrition

by Equipe Enervit

With summer now behind us, it's time for the two-wheeled crowd to lay the groundwork for a new cycling regimen by reviewing and improving upon what’s been achieved so far. For many triathletes and cyclists in almost all disciplines, the fall-winter period means indoor cycling, or rather indoor training on rollers. This is a great opportunity for some quality training when it’s not possible to train outside due to too many commitments or unfavorable weather conditions.

Indoor training
Among the most frequently asked questions on this topic, the two most popular ones are:

• What should never be overlooked for a roller training session?
• What is the role of sports supplements in indoor cycling?

How to prepare for an indoor training session on rollers


The tools to bring with you for an indoor training session are essentially these: a large towel and a water bottle, and not just for water. Training on rollers goes hand-in-hand with sweating, so it's good to plan ahead and, of course, supplement your nutrition. Let's find out how.

Training on rollers means generating a large amount of sweat, and sweat isn’t composed only of water. Minerals are also present, mainly sodium, chlorine, potassium, and magnesium. It’s immediately apparent how essential it is to have a water bottle on hand that also contains these minerals. The goal is to always replenish them during exercise with a well-calibrated saline solution. But how does one prepare for training on rollers from a nutritional standpoint? The answer is simple: just consider the type of training to be performed. Here are a couple of examples.

Keeping in mind the type of work to be performed and, considering that carbohydrates fuel training, the following steps can be taken for a successful indoor training session on rollers:

training up to 60 minutes at medium intensity:  the advice is to supplement with a mixture of carbohydrates and electrolytes, or you can opt for a solution consisting only of electrolytes and a liquid gel (30 g of carbohydrates)
training longer than 60 minutes and with changes in pace: supplement with electrolytes + 2 energy gels (40 g of carbohydrates)

The recovery phase for an indoor workout

In training there is a before and a during, and there is also an after. The recovery phase is equally important in training; indoor training on rollers is no exception. Depending on the type of work performed, we must choose the most appropriate mixture to restore optimal condition.

For an intense workout, a mixture with minerals, carbohydrates, and essential amino acids is recommended. For one that’s dedicated to building muscle strength (very short repetitions, for example), protein is essential to support muscle recovery – just 20 grams is enough.


Three things to remember before an indoor workout on rollers


In summary, there are three things to remember before doing an indoor training session on rollers:

Hydration: prepare a bottle containing water and minerals
Energy: plan to consume a portion of energy if the workout exceeds one hour
Recovery: take an appropriate mixture that activates the training effect

Now all you have to do is put these simple and practical tips into practice and enjoy your training session on the rollers. The training regimen can begin!