Competition Bar Red Fruits - Box 12 pcs
12 Bars da 30g
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The energy bar with red fruits for when you want to push yourself to the max
- Based on a select mix of carbohydrates
- With 22 g of carbohydrates
- Low fat
- Gluten-free
- VeganOk Certified
- Contains red fruits

N° Pack

Competition Bar Red Fruits - Box 12 pcs

carbo mix
vitamin mix
A real carbo boost for your performance

Going fast isn't enough for you. Pushing all the way isn't enough either. You want to invoke your tenacity, to go all out. You need an energy bar that can sustain you during your rides.
Competition Bar is the most technical energy bar in the entire Enervit Sport range. Its formula, based on glucose-fructose syrup, rice flakes, oats and maltodextrin, is designed to provide you with the highest* carbohydrate content per bar (22g per 30g bar). With its low fat content, itメs a guaranteed boost for when you've been in the saddle for hours at maximum output.

- 22 g of carbohydrates per bar
- Highly technical
- Contains red fruits


Why take it during training and competition

If you are asked to push yourself, you must push. You have no excuses, but you have a product that can help you.
The Competition Bar Red Fruits is the energy bar that provides a real carbo boost for your training before or during competition. Thanks to its highly technical formula, it gives you the right sustenance during the raceメs most difficult moments.
Combine it with other products in the Enervit line and build your personalized nutrition strategy.

*Compared to other bars in the Enervit Sport range

Valori nutrizionali
Informazioni Nutrizionali Per 100 g Per 2 Barrette (60g) **% VNR (100g / 60g)
Energia 1458 kJ / 344 kcal 874 kJ / 206 kcal  
Grassi 2,7 g 1,6 g  
di cui acidi grassi saturi 1,0 g 0,6 g  
Carboidrati 74 g 44 g  
di cui zuccheri 29 g 17 g  
Proteine 4,3 g 2,6 g  
Sale 0,174 g 0,104 g  
Vitamina B6 0,71 mg 0,43 mg 51/30
Tiammina 0,55 mg 0,34 mg 51/30
Sciroppo di glucosio-fruttosio (33,3%) - Fiocchi di riso (farina di riso, semola di mais, zucchero, sale) (22,6%) - Fiocchi di avena (senza glutine) (17,5%) – Maltodestrina -Agente di carica: polidestrosio – Granuli di frutti di bosco (4,4%) – Amarena in pezzi (2%) - Burro di cacao – Isomaltulosio*** (0,4%) - Emulsionante: lecitine - Aroma – Colorante: caramello semplice - Vitamina B6 microincapsulata (cloridrato di piridossina, emulsionante: mono e digliceridi degli acidi grassi) – Cloridrato di tiamina. ***L’’isomaltulosio è una fonte di glucosio e fruttosio. Può contenere tracce di latte, frutta a guscio, arachidi, soia, semi di sesamo.
modo d'uso
Durante l’esercizio fisico intenso, assumere fino a 2 barrette ogni ora.