The Chase The Sun has been called the most romantic long distance cycling challenge. It’s a coast-to-coast ride that follows the sun’s course on the longest day of the year. This image, however, has to reconcile with the effort and preparation required to complete it. The 275-km route with 3300 m of elevation gain starts at dawn from the port of Cesenatico and finishes at sunset in Tirrenia. More than 15-and-a-half hours of light will allow the most trained participants to successfully finish the endeavour.

There is no time clock – you pedal at your own pace and manage your physical and mental state, all while being amazed by the wonder and variety of the landscape you cross. If you don’t feel sufficiently prepared for the entire distance, you can participate in a group of three, in relay mode. Each component of this format covers 2/3 of the distance (180 km) by bike and one third (90 km) by car.


Come gestire l’avventura più bella in bici, dall’alba al tramonto? Con strategia.
Occhio all’integrazione prima, durante e dopo, con i consigli di Elena Casiraghi, esperta in nutrizione e integrazione sportiva dell’Equipe Enervit.


It takes strategy to start a challenge with saturated energy reserves, to delay the onset of fatigue, and to make the challenge a real pleasure. How do you strategize? By knowing how to fuel and supplement before, during, and after the event.


Replenish energy reserves and hydrate. The 2-3 days leading up to the event are critical for doing this. Here’s how: take in a source of carbohydrates, protein from lean sources, and "good" fats at every meal and snack. For example, a meal with rice, fish, white meat, or a snack with whole grain bread and Parmesan cheese or lean sliced meat. Hydrate consistently throughout the day by taking Enervit Isotonic Drink.

Don't overdo it. Energy reserves have a limited capacity. Bingeing in the days leading up to physical exertion, would not only be unbeneficial but could even prove counterproductive. The risk would be starting to cycle with a bloated feeling and reduced alertness. In order to minimize the risk of gut stress, eliminate foods rich in fibre and fructose, such as vegetables and fruits, from your plate in the 2-3 days before your event. Also eliminate foods high in lactose and fat, such as dairy products, cream, and ice cream.

Keep your blood flow active. Your training kilometres will be greatly reduced on these days, but don't miss the opportunity to keep blood flow to your muscles and brain active. To do this, Equipe Enervit has designed Enervit Carbo Flow. Thanks to cocoa flavanols, Enervit Carbo Flow promotes blood flow to all tissues involved in physical exertion, and thanks to isomaltulose, a very slow-release sugar, it allows you to get your fill of energy without over-stimulating your blood sugar. If you want to enjoy the same benefits, but without carbohydrates, try Enervit Just Flow, always taken at breakfast.


Fractionate. Basically, take one energy product every hour of your Chase the Sun effort. This will allow you to preserve endogenous energy, which is the energy stored in your body, for the final part of the ride, and to use mostly exogenous energy from bars, gels, and liquid blends and foods. Not only that, but this intake strategy can also promote stomach emptying and reduce the risk of intestinal disorders.

Functional energy. During such a long challenge, it may be helpful to reach for highly functional energy bars with a high carbohydrate and low-fat content, such as Enervit Competition Bars. In the more challenging parts of the course, the wide range of energy gels that Enervit offers, from Isotonic to Liquid gels, can meet a wide variety of needs for a customized supplementation strategy.

Hydration is key. The ride is long and, during all that time in the saddle you’ll need to pay attention to supplementation, but hydration comes first. Bring two flasks with you – one just with water to sip along with your supplements, and one with Enervit Instant Drink, a mineral-based blend that you can alternate with Enervit Isocarb 2:1, a carbohydrate-based solution to give you even more energy. Take a sip every 10 to 15 minutes during your ride, depending on your sweat rate. You can refill your water bottles along the way. Finally, remember not to wait until you’re thirsty, anticipate it. By the time you become thirsty, you have already lost a good amount of water, equal to 1-2% of your body weight.


Recover. Did you reach the finish line before sunset? This is a big milestone. Don't let your guard down, dedicate a few more focused minutes before indulging in celebration and well-earned rest. This is the most effective time to start recovering from your exertions. Within 30 minutes of the finish, take Enervit R2 Recovery Drink. It will allow you to begin to restore your expended energy and hydration level, as well as repair muscle stress. Your next challenge starts here!