Power Crunchy Variety Kit
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With Power Crunchy Variety Kit you can taste all flavours of the energy bar that supports you during trainings. 
What's inside the Kit:

2 Power Crunchy Brownie 
2 Power Crunchy Caramel
2 Power Crunchy Cookie 
2 Power Crunchy Choco


Power Crunchy Variety Kit

The tasty energy bar for your trainings

The energy bar* Enervit Power Crunchy is crunchy and real tasty, made with soy flakes and oats to prolong your desire to stay in the saddle.
Thanks to a specific mix of select carbohydrates and19% of protein, it provides your body with the valuable nutrients it needs in training and competitons. 
Taste is also important: when taking a break from all that effort, make sure you do it right! A real delicious bar will do it.
Enervit Power Crunchy is the energy bar ideal during both intense trainings and moderate physical activity.

  • 19% of proteins 
  • Source of magnesium and vitamin B1

Try it in all four flavour and discover its genuin cereals, and indulging toppings!

* Vitamin B1 contributes to normal energy metabolism and to reducing fatigue and tiredness.


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