Enervit Protein
Crunchy Dark Meal Bar
Baretta da 55 g
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The cocoa meal replacement bar, coated in dark chocolate.
- 25% protein-rich
- High in fiber
- Gluten-free
- 13 vitamins and 11 minerals**
- 1 bar = 1 meal


Enervit Protein

Crunchy Dark Meal Bar


Helps mantain muscle tone. You will find only the highest quaity protein in our Pasto Smart.

meal substitute
Meal replacement

Simple, tasty, and high in vitamins and minerals. All you need for a quick and nutritionally-correct meal. 


Certified by VeganOk

It helps consumers around the world to identify and choose products that are entirely plant-based.

The meal bar that helps you stay fit.

If you want to be fit, make sure you always have your meals: they're way too important! With this in mind we developed Protein Pasto Smart, the protein and fibre-rich meal replacement bar, complete with all the vitamins and minerals you need for a quick and nutritionally-correct meal. 
So whenever you're out you have your best ally with you!

Protein Pasto Smart Crunchy Dark is a unique combination of carefully selected, high-quality ingredients such as dark chocolate, a mix of crunchy cereals and a base of intense dark chocolate. Crunchy and rich at every bite.
It helps to know that: replacing two daily main meals of a low-calorie diet with meal replacements contributes to weight loss. Replacing one daily main meal of a low-calorie diet with a meal replacement contributes to weight maintenance after weight loss.


The pactical meal, to stay fit even when you're out.

We know it could be hard to lose weight or even stay fit when you're always in a rush or dining out.
Count on Protein Pasto Smart for a delicious protein-rich and nutritionally-correct meal. Thanks to its handy, single-serving portion, it can be enjoyed wherever you are: at the office, while strolling at the park, or even at home if you don't feel like cooking.



Valori nutrizionali
Informazioni Nutrizionali Per 100 g Per barretta (58 g)  %VNR*** (per 100g/per 58 g)
Energia 1449kj 844 kj  
  345 kcal 201 kcal  
Grassi 11 g 6,6 g  
di cui Acidi Grassi Saturi 5,1 g 2,9 g  
Carboidrati 33 g 19 g  
di cui Zuccheri 20 g 12 g  
Fibre 8,6 g 5 g  
Proteine 25 g 15 g  
Sale 0,77 g 0,44 g  
Potassio 882 mg 512 mg  44/26
Fosforo 385 mg 223 mg 55/32
Calcio 622 mg 361 mg 78/45
Magnesio 227 mg 131 mg 60/35
Ferro 8 mg 4,7 mg 57/33
Zinco 5,5 mg 3,2 mg 55/33
Manganese 1,21 mg 0,70 mg 61/35
Rame 0,56 mg 0,33 mg 56/33
Iodio 98 µg 57 µg 65/38
Selenio 30,1 µg 17,5 µg 55/32
Vitamina C 40,9 mg 23,7 mg 51/30
Niacina 10,4 mg 6,1 mg 65/38
Vitamina E 8,1 mg 4,7 mg 68/39
Acido Pantotenico 4 mg 2,3 mg 67/39
Riboflavina 0,87 mg 0,50 mg 62/36
Vitamina B6 0,94 mg 0,55 mg 67/39
Tiamina 0,78 mg 0,45 mg 71/41
Vitamina A 694 µg 403 µg 87/50
Acido Folico 149 µg 87 µg 75/43
Biotina 41,9 µg 24,3 µg 84/49
Vitamina D 3,6 µg 2,1 µg 73/42
Vitamina B12 1,6 µg  0,9 µg 64/37
Vitamina K 46 µg 27 µg 61/36
Sodio 306 µg 178 µg  
Acido Linoleico 1,8 g  1 g