Enervit Protein
Shaker da 500ml
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The shaker designed to sip our protein-rich drinks outside the home
- Practical and convenient
- Functional
- Transparent, for seeing what's inside
- Easy to clean
- Try with Protein Smoothie or Meal Shake

Enervit Protein


busy days
Ideal out of home

To drink your smoothie or shake anytime, anywhere.

easy fast
Easy to clean

For maximum cleaning between usages

For your protein-rich drinks

Very easy to use, the Enervit Protein Shaker allows you to create a fresh drink wherever you are in just a few simple steps.

Just fill it with 1 or 2 scoops of product - Meal Shake or Protein Smoothie - add water or a plant-based drink and  shake for a few moments...your drink is ready!
Carry it in your bag or use it at home when you're short on time, you'll see that it's very convenient and you won't be able to do without it. Try it to believe!?

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Why carry it with you

Whether your juggling between work calls or for your busy schedule, having a ready-to-drink beverage is a no brainer. Bring the Shaker with you at the office or use it at home when you're short on time.  Once you're done, put it in the dishwaser and you're ready to go for the next use!

immagine prodotto_ep_smoothie_mirtillo_3_1
Pour 35g of products with 220 ml of half skimmed milk. Shake it and leave it settle for a couple of minuts.