100% Glutammina
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The pure Glutamine powder supplement
- 100% Kyowa Quality® glutamine
- Suitable for vegetarians


100% Glutammina

Kyowa Quality®
Ideal for those who follow a vegetarian diet.
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Your body always benefits.
The safe and certified glutamine supplement

Glutamine is used by the cells of the immune system (especially lymphocytes) as a source of energy to support their proliferation, and to synthesize the natural antioxidant, glutathione.
Intense and prolonged workouts can reduce the level of glutamine in the body. In these situations of increased need, it becomes important to take glutamine through a proper diet. When this is not enough, it must be supplemented.

Gymline Glutamine is the Kyowa Quality® pure glutamine powder supplement with which you can introduce glutamine into your diet.

  • Kyowa Quality® pure glutamine
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Why take it

If you want to improve your performance, it's important to choose the right supplements.
Gymline Glutamine is the powdered supplement of 100% pure, safe and certified quality glutamine. Add one dose to water and take it immediately.

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Nutritional information
AVERAGE CONTENT per dose (1g)
L-glutamine 1 g

May contain traces of cereals containing gluten, eggs, soy, milk, sesame, nuts.

Take one serving (1 g = one teaspoon) of Gymline L-Glutamine 100% by diluting it with water or another liquid of your choice and consume immediately.