The C2:1PRO Performance Kit - SWE Edition
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Discover the exclusive The C2:1PRO Performance Kit to prepare for your races with the most advanced line of energy sports supplements, based on glucose and fructose in a 2:1 ratio.

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What's inside the kit:

1 Isocarb C2:1PRO (650 g tub)
4 Carbo Jelly C2:1PRO (50 g jelly)
2 Carbo Gel C2:1PRO Cola with Caffeine (60 ml gel)

2 Carbo Gel C2:1PRO Lemon with Sodium (60 ml gel)
4 Carbo Bar C2:1PRO Brownie (45 g bar)
4 Carbo Bar C2:1PRO No Flavour (45 g bar)


The C2:1PRO Performance Kit - SWE Edition

Enhance your performance

Maximize your performances during long, high-intensity endurance activities to challenge your limits. Enervit C2:1PRO is the result of a collaboration with UAE Team Emirates, Trek-Segafredo, and the Italian Cycling Federation. The new product line aims to optimize energy efficiency to support athletes performance, especially at high intensities. 

"We were happy with the taste, the energy intake, and the digestibility. I think the C2:1PRO formula is another building block to help us achieve better results."  Tadej Pogačar.


Cutting-edge sports nutrition

All C2:1PRO products are based on glucose and fructose (post-hydrolysis of carbohydrates) in a 2:1 ratio. Solutions with this ratio allow you to exceed 60 g of carbohydrates per hour, reaching up to 90 g per hour.

What makes these products so unique?

  •  + 50% carbohydrate absorption
  • Maximum tolerability and digestibility
  • Convenience and variety of formats for every kind of need
  • Contained sweetness

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