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€ 2.50
€ 2.50

Never settled.
Never will.

At Enervit we think you should never choose between taste and protein. Here’s why we kept researching, testing (…and tasting) till we worked out that one bar that would have it all.

No need to say:
The Protein Deal was born and ready to rock.

What we love about it? It’s tremendously good. This means that when you’re tickling your taste buds, you’re also doing right for those abs of yours.

That’s thanks to the 20g of protein. Ideal for the sporty folks and the fitness gurus, mums with busy schedules, and really, anyone who wants to pack some benefits* into their snacks.
The flavours though, they deserve a standing ovation. Three moments of pure indulgence, filling your day as your imagination. Also, low in sugar, so you can start digging in right here, right now!

Get your hands on it before someone else does!

Always less than 2,75g of sugar per bar (55g)!
Oh yess!!
The Protein Deal is everyone’s bar, reason why we ditched the gluten!
Everyone’s welcome!
The planet doesn’t like palm oil, so neither do us.
Did we need another reason not to use it? Course not.
*Proteins contributes to a growth and to the maintenance of muscle mass. Those products should be used as part of a varied and balance diet and healthy lifestyle.