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The brochure “One week and you are in the Zone” will help you to consider a great opportunity – to change your eating habits by entering the Zone for a week, starting to experience the benefits and feelings it can give you. Without the need to give up anything in particular, by eating a great variety of foods and only requirement: during the first week it will be necessary to follow the diet closely, without exceptions. Carefully follow the Zone Diet rules because they are designed to supply the nutrients needed on a daily basis in precisely balanced amounts. Another tip: keep moving, exercise is recommended – without exaggerating, of course. To make things easier, in the following pages we have given you examples for a typical week, your first in the Zone, formulated to satisfy the needs of women (and men, of course, who are… hungrier). There is a detailed list of the most useful food suggestions. With suitable alternatives, to satisfy your own tastes. To each his (or her) own, as it should be. We started the week on a Saturday, not because we are unconventional (who said diets must always start on a Monday?) but because we thought people would be more relaxed at the weekend, and this can be a good opportunity for “me time”, when we focus more on ourselves, and pay more attention to our own needs. However, every day of the week is good to start being kind to yourself and understand how to prepare meals in the Zone. It will be easier to continue, because feeling physically and mentally fitter will be satisfying and because you will be more familiar with foods and portions.