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Have you stopped? Not us, not Enervit


Tue 07 April, 2020


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We have made sports and well-being our reason for living so we will never stop, especially now as we enter the most demanding time in our lives and in Enervits’ history where we must have endurance. 


Being close to each other gives us strength and that's why we want to be with you, training together (while staying at home!) and discovering the best nutritional strategies. Given the urgency, we have made our e-commerce even more efficient, so that you won’t miss your favourite products.

There’s more as we also want to tell you how we are facing this tough and challenging time, starting from our products and their quality.

First of all each product from its conception to experimentation and from production to distribution is made in-house. This guarantees the highest level of control and has meant we have many quality certifications. We have put additional safety measures in place to strengthen our production system which include dedicated procedures, tight controls, and ad hoc prevention measures. The safety of our employees (many of whom are now working from home), of our collaborators, of our partners, and above all yours, is our main concern.

We didn’t stop here as we also asked our Enervit supported athletes and the Enervit Team experts for their help and support so that we could ensure we could be committed to you, our Sports & Wellness community. On our social platforms Enervit Sport and EnerZona you will find many useful tips to train indoors and nutritional tips to keep fit, we hope this helps.

So when all this ends (and with everyone's efforts it will end!), we will be ready for a swim in the open sea, a ride in the mountains and a run along the streets of our amazing cities.

The sporting spirit is a positive energy that makes us better and it will give us the strength we need for this endurance event