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Katia Tomatis


Sat 09 February, 2019


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Ski mountaineering


Bank employee for about twelve years, in 2012 I radically changed my profession and started managing the Malinvern Refuge in the upper Stura Valley.

People questioned me if I was crazy, giving up everything, but those who know me knew: I always do what comes to my mind, right or wrong as it might then be, I prefer not to regret rather than live thinking "What if I had done it though..." This is my life!

Mountains are for me together passion and respect, since I was a child, these are the values that my parents have instilled me, my grandparents where all "Montanari DOC" (expert mountaineers) ... I live it every day, and contemplate its beauties always standing in my place. I'm not the one conquering the peaks, instead it's the Mountains that give me the chance, that's why I always thank them... whether on foot, on skis or mountain bike.

The seasonality of my new job, allowed me to get more engaged with ski mountaineering ... not only training, but also dedication, willpower and effort; I have always been fond of medium / long distance sports, first with mountain bike, including two editions of the Ironbike, and, now, with ski mountaineering.