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Enervit Protein was born about 40 years ago with a very precise goal: supporting a woman to lose weight, in order to make her highest jump ever. No need to say, she became a legend, the one people keep talking about.

Since then, Enervit Protein encourages women to pursue their dreams. The secret? Protein-based products and a mix of high quality ingredients, women can count on, every day.

What's unique about Enervit Protein:

• All products are high in protein: we're conscious of the importance of protein within a correct and healthy nutritional routine so, choosing the best quality is our priority.
We start with a thorough scientific research, then proceed with meticulous quality checks to ensure you the most reliable sources: soy, milk, peas, cocoa and cereals. Plenty of choices to satisfy your needs.

• Looking far gluten free, palm oil free, low sugar content, or 100% plant based products? We got you covered! With our products we aim to meet the needs of those living a healthy lifestyle.

All of our snack and meals are heavenly Italian taste!
We like to experiment, that's why you will find so many flavours and hopefully you will have a favourite one!

In ltaly we have a long history of leadership in the wellness products market, offering innovative protein-based snacks and bars, meals replacements, bars and shakes. All our products are studied and developed to fit busy lifestyles, following women between work, gym sessions and free time. That is why they don't necessarily fit specific moments of consumption, they are suitable all they long.

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