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Fr 01 Februar, 2019


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maratona dles dolomites enervit enervitsport
maratona dles dolomites enervit enervitsport


When two people meet, they have a mutual influence over each other, giving and having, taking and receiving, in an exchange that is never quite straight-forward. This exchange can sometimes become like osmosis. People are all about relationships, we need each other in order to fulfil our lives. We need love. We have to empty ourselves in order to be able to embrace others. It’s only within a completely silent, empty space that we can fill ourselves completely. In order to love, we must make room inside ourselves. Love comes in many different forms: the unconditional love that parents feel for their children; the platonic love that idolises the other person; amour fou that transforms everything into pure desire; the love felt between friends, forming the basis of brotherhood. It’s love that makes us say “come on, you can do this, we’re in this together, we’re almost there, I’m with you, I’m right behind you”. Love is at the heart of mutual sharing. Love is at the start of every adventure. It’s love that drives us to take part in this journey that returns every year, welcoming us to this stunning setting of the ‘Pale Mountains’, which you can’t help but fall in love with. For me, pure love is being watched over by the Sassongher mountain, by the larch trees. My love is a love for my homeland. It’s that love that makes you look beyond, look inside yourself, fly high and look deep into your heart, embracing the essence of every small thing around you. So, let’s leave room for some love, getting rid of everything negative within us in order to embrace the beautiful things in life.

Michil Costa







MIddle / 106 KM