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DDS Triathlon Team


Fr 14 Februar, 2020


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Triathlon Team

DDS Triathlon Team was born in 1997 and in a short time became the leading team of Italian triathlon. Some high notes of the team's "curriculum": more than 20 athletes in the Azzurri shirt; two Italian athletes, Silvia Gemignani (Athens 2004) and Daniel Fontana (Beijing 2008), and two foreigners, Mateja Simic (London 2012) and Luciano Taccone (Rio 2016), at the Olympics, 9 individual Italian titles, and 8 team champions of Italy.

Captain of the team is Daniel Fontana, who just last year set the Italian record of appearances at the IRONMAN Hawaii World Championship among the PRO, reaching the outstanding quota of 6.

In 2019, the second part of the season was exceptional: in August Ilaria Zane won a stage of the Triathlon European Cup for the first time, in Kecskemet, Hungary; in September Alessia Orla won the Triathlon Sprint Italian Championship; in October, Zane won the Triathlon Olympic Italian title in front of his teammates Orla and Luisa Iogna-Prat for an historic hat-trick.

In 2020 the Elite ones will run for the DDS Triathlon Team: Daniel Fontana, Ivan Risti, Michele Sarzilla, 2019 Olympic Triathlon Italian Champion, Stefano Micotti and Carlo Bortoloso; Ilaria Zane, Alessia Orla, Bianca Seregni, 2019 Elite and Junior Aquathlon World Champion, Luisa Iogna-Prat and Beatrice Taverna.

Photo Credit: Roberto Del Bianco