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The Enervit Group is active in the market for sports food supplements and functional nutrition. It carries out research on foods and supplements and develops, produces and markets products for people practising sports and people who wish to keep fit and well.
Established 50 years ago by Paolo Sorbini, today Enervit S.p.A. employs more than 150 people and its revenue is €44 million (as of 31st December 2011).
Enervit products are manufactured directly in the company's plant in Zelbio (about 25 km from Lake Como), which is still Enervit S.p.A.'s production site. Even in an age when offshoring is the norm, the company prefers to keep production in Italy, preserving its bonds with the area and the people there and helping industrial development in Italy. Enervit is an Italian company, but because its products are sold abroad as well, it has started a gradual internationalisation process and its main product lines are exported in more than 20 countries all over the world.
Enervit Sport, EnerZona, Enervit Protein and Enervit Gymline Muscle are the identifying brand names of the company's main product lines. Enervit Sport is complete line of food supplements for people practising sports and aimed at muscle efficiency and recovery during and after exercise. EnerZona, the brand that identifies (exclusively) the Diet Zone created by Barry Sears, is a line of products specifically designed to achieve mental and physical wellbeing. Enervit Protein is used for Health & Diet products whereas Enervit Gymline Muscle is the line studied by Enervit Science to help intensely training athletes to develop powerful, defined muscles. Here is a complete range of products suitable for all the specific needs of people who want the best.
Enervit's 50 years of success are the result of constantly focusing on the real needs of athletes and people practising sports, on product development, technical innovation and investment in research, which obtained important results thanks to the Enervit Team. The professional standards and innovation qualities of this team, which includes doctors, technicians, researchers and athletes, are widely recognised.